Welcome wayward traveler to my humble abode! I am Doctor Henry Cavor. You have sought me out undoubtedly because of my reputation and your thirst for similar adventure! I congratulate you on your intrepidity. Not everyone has the courage to pursue his or her dreams! And as it so happens, I am always on the lookout for a helping hand. You help me, you ask? Of course! Like-minded individuals working in concert can move mountains!

Before we begin, allow me to layout in brief my philosophy. Then it's out and onward!

Exploring the world requires more than a compass and a map! Science is wonderful tool to help us understand the nature of Creation. With it, I have unlocked many of Nature's most amazing secrets!

There are countless lifetimes' worth of adventures just waiting to be had. I am determined to have my fair share of them, as I always say!

My body may be old but my spirit is young! There are treasures to be found and discoveries to be made. Yes, I have been to the moon. But only because I aim for the stars!